3 Reasons To Consider A Diesel Vehicle

Choosing a new vehicle can be a bit daunting, mostly due to the sheer number of different options available. These days you have everything from electric and hybrid vehicles to diesel options. Listed below are just three reasons to consider a diesel vehicle. 

Fuel Economy

A major benefit provided by a diesel vehicle is great fuel economy. In most cases, a diesel vehicle will get better fuel economy than traditional gasoline vehicles in the same class. For example, it is not uncommon to find diesel vehicles with fuel economies that meet or exceed 40 miles per gallon on the highway. 

You should also look into a diesel vehicle if you need a truck or SUV. A diesel truck or SUV can provide you with the cargo space and power that your need without having to deal with the very low gas mileage that traditional trucks and SUVs typically have.


A diesel vehicles can also provide quite a bit of power at lower speeds. Sure, at higher speeds there really isn't going to be a lot of difference between a diesel and a gasoline vehicle, but there is a big difference when you are accelerating from a stop. The reason for this is that diesel engines typically do not need to be revved as highly as a gasoline vehicle in order to accelerate efficiently and quickly. 

Another area where a diesel vehicle is more powerful is when it comes to towing, which is why diesel vehicles are very popular with truck drivers. A diesel vehicle usually has more torque than other vehicle types, which is what will allow you to tow larger and heavier loads than you would with a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle. 

Lower Taxes

Finally, a diesel vehicle is often a good choice because it can save you money on your taxes. One reason for this is that taxes on a vehicle are calculated based in part on its emissions.

Since diesel vehicles have fewer emissions than a gasoline-powered vehicle, your taxes on the diesel vehicle will drop. Another way that you can save money on your taxes with a diesel vehicle is through income tax incentives offered by the government if you purchase a new diesel vehicle.

Contact your local vehicle dealership to check out the many different diesel vehicles that they can offer you. A diesel vehicle can help you lower your taxes and fuel expenses while also offering great power and torque. Contact a local diesel fuel outlet, such as Nelson Petroleum, for further assistance.