4 Steps To Take When Your Car Headlights Fail

Your car's headlights are an important part of your vehicle. Imagine driving in the dark without them. You wouldn't be able to get very far. In fact, driving with headlights on is the law of the land. Have you ever thought of a plan of action in case your car's headlights suddenly fail while you are driving on the road? Your overriding goal in this situation is to use any available lighting system in your car to get to safety. Here are four steps to take to help you do this.

Step 1: Do Not Stop Suddenly

The second that you notice that your headlights have gone out, your first inclination is probably to jam on the brakes. This is one of the worst things that you could do especially if you have other cars around you. Instead, slow down and try to use any light source available. Move to the shoulder of the road and pull over, then follow steps 2 to 4.

Step 2: Check to See if Your High Beams are Working

Just because your headlights have failed does not mean that your high beams have as well. After you have pulled over, check to see if your high beams are operational. If they are working, use them to drive to a safe location. While not ideal, if your high beams are the only outside light source that you have, use it.

Step 3: Turn Your Inside Car Lights On

If your high beams are not working, check your inside car lights to find out if they are. If so, turn them on and use this lighting system to make your way to a safe area. Of course, this is not ideal. However, if this is the only lighting system that you have available, you must use it. It will at the very least help other drivers see your car whereas total lack of lighting will make your car invisible.

Step 4: Check Your Car's Electrical System

Check other lighting systems in your car such as the hazards and turn signals to see if they are operational. If they are, you have not suffered a total electrical failure. If not, your electrical system has shut down. You will not be able to start your engine. Call an auto shop or a towing service, such as Ski Country Shell & Towing, for a tow.

You may consider having your car lights fail in the middle of the road startling at first. However, if you keep a level head and follow the preceding steps, you can navigate your way to safety. Ask your auto shop about other ways that you could maneuver in this type of situation.