What Types Of Commercial Trailers Are There?

When you need to haul goods for your business, you will need to choose the appropriate trailer. Not all commercial trailers are meant for the same hauling purpose. You need to consider not only the size of the trailer but also the different features each trailer possesses. Here are the most common types of hauling trailers for commercial use and how to decide which one is best for what you need to haul.


The tanker trailer is best for transporting a variety of different liquids, such as gasoline, liquid chemicals, or milk. It also transports goods like dry chemicals and asphalt. Tanker trailers are typically a large, cylindrical trailer that transports these items in large quantities. Drivers of tanker trailers are often required to inform the Department of Transportation what is on board because they often transport chemicals or gasoline.

Dry Box

When it comes to commercial trailers you might see on the freeway, the dry box trailer is the most common. There are many different lengths for dry box trailers, depending on what goods you are transporting and how much. If your company needs to ship any type of dry goods by trailer, such as groceries, clothing, shoes, or electronics, you will probably choose this type of trailer


A flatbed commercial trailer is ideal when you are hauling anything that can be stacked and strapped down. The flatbed does not have a cover or enclosure, so it is only good for items that can sit inside the side rails and be strapped down. Flatbeds are frequently used for smaller vehicles, farming or construction equipment, and lumber.


If you need a trailer that is as low to the ground as possible, this is the trailer for you. It is ideal for extra-heavy and awkward equipment, such as cranes, bulldozers, and other types of heavy equipment. This is because the trailer can drop right to the ground, where it is easy to load the items. They don't have to be lifted but can roll or slide right onto the trailer, then transported safely.

Curtain Side

If you are hauling lumber with your business, but you will be travelling in wet climates where rain and snow are common, you won't want a typical flatbed trailer that has no storage. In this case, you will want to choose the curtain side trailer. As the name suggests, it is a flat trailer that has movable curtains on the sides. These are sturdy curtains that include a waterproof coating. Transporting lumber and other large items that would get ruined by water generally takes place using a curtain side trailer.