Mobile Truck Repair: How To Save Time And Money When One Of Your Fleet Breaks Down

The biggest problems you face as a shipping magnate is with the ongoing function of your trucks. When they break down on the side of the road, it costs hundreds of dollars to tow them to a commercial automotive repair shop. Then it costs hundreds more to diagnose and fix their problems. Worst of all, these issues happen remotely, and you are left with little opportunity to learn about or select who will tow and fix the trucks. There is a very good solution to these problems and it can save you time and money.

Mobile Truck Repair

If you have not heard of this service yet, it is probably because it is not offered near you. However, several other states in the U.S. have commercial truck repair businesses that offer roadside repairs. These automotive specialists are able to diagnose and fix your fleet's problems without towing the truck anywhere, so long as the trucks with problems are safely parked on the side of the road and do not present a danger to the mechanic or the public. If you check along the most frequently used routes that your fleet travels, you can locate the mobile truck repair companies that can help.

Services Provided 

Mobile truck repair services include:

  • Full, computer-assisted diagnostics
  • Assessment of the part or component that is not functioning properly or not functioning at all
  • Replacement of tires
  • Replacement of the dysfunctional engine part or other mechanical part of the truck
  • Estimate of repair costs and parts cost
  • Fast, on-the-spot work to get your truck back on the road
  • Direct, one-on-one communication with the mechanic/repair technician who is working on your truck

Sometimes body repair is also offered by some mobile truck repair providers. This is especially helpful if your trucks are involved in an accident and have some body damage that needs immediate repair.

Time and Money Saved

The benefits to having mobile truck repair services are:

  • Your truck does not have to be hauled into the nearest commercial service station, which could be hundreds or even thousands of miles away.
  • You never have to pay for a tow, unless the mechanic says there is no other way to repair the truck and it has to come into the shop. (Even then, you have the option to refuse.)
  • The trucks are almost always repaired within a few hours of the mechanic's arrival on scene--time which your drivers can easily make up as soon as the truck is repaired and ready to go again.
  • You do not have to pay for any repairs without first hearing an estimate, nor do you have to pay your drivers for layovers and/or hotels while the trucks are fixed.

Mobile truck repair services are repair services on your terms, making them the most affordable and convenient options available to you when you're on the road.