A New Customer’s Guide to Auto Body Repair after a Collision

The car you drive is easily one of the most valuable material possessions you own. While you may do what you can to stay safe and keep your ride protected, a collision can happen to any driver. The first time you are in an accident, it can be disturbing and painful to see what your car looks like in the aftermath. Thankfully, there are many skilled collision experts in the auto body repair industry who can help you restore your car to its former glory and erase painful reminders of the accident. Here are a few of the most common questions inexperienced customers have when it comes to collision auto body repair. 

How long will repairs take on my car?

There are way too many factors that will affect how long repairs make to give a general estimate. However, if you want to make sure you get your car back home as fast as possible, you should consider

  • how many professionals are available at the auto body shop,
  • how many cars are already in line before yours, and
  • if the shop can order parts before your car is delivered.

Do I have to have both a mechanic for engine problems and an auto body professional?

It is not at all uncommon for there to be just as much mechanical damage to a car after an accident as there is damage to the body. Therefore, many auto body experts are also skilled mechanics or have mechanics in their shops. This makes it much easier for customers to get all of the repairs they need at one place so they can get their vehicle back more quickly. 

Will the same parts be used that were on the car before the accident?

Every effort will be made to get the exact same parts that were damaged for your vehicle. However, if you have an older model car, ordering factory parts can be almost impossible for some models. In this case, aftermarket parts will be used, but high standards are held in place by auto body professionals to ensure that you end up with a car that is just as good, if not better, than it was. 

Looking at your car after a collision can be almost as painful as your injuries. If this is a new experience for you, talk to a collision auto body repair shop about any questions and concerns you have about the process. Consider searching the phrase auto body and collision loveland in your Internet browser to find a collision repair shop in your area.