Remove Tar From The Aluminum Rims On Your Vehicle

If you drove across a road that was recently resurfaced and wet tar splattered onto your vehicle's aluminum rims as a result, learn how to remove it with the following steps. Once you have finished the repair, add a coat of wax to the aluminum to make it easier to clean the rims in the future.

Materials Needed

  1. disposable gloves
  2. industrial strength solvent (designed for metal)
  3. lightly abrasive sponge
  4. detergent
  5. water hose
  6. lint-free cloth
  7. automotive wax (designed for rims)
  8. buffing cloths

Remove The Tar 

Put on a pair of disposable gloves to prevent any tar from getting onto your hands. Spray one of the rim's liberally with an industrial strength solvent that is designed for metal. Automotive supply stores and many discount retailers sell products like this. Wait a couple minutes for the solvent to penetrate the tar's surface. The solvent will soften the tar and begin to dissolve it, making it easy to remove.

Use a lightly abrasive sponge to assist with removing the tar. Move the sponge firmly over each portion of the rim that has visible tar on it. Rinse the sponge out with water as it becomes dirty and apply more solvent to the rim before wiping it off again. Continue these steps until all of the tar has been eliminated. Treat the remaining rims with the same steps.

Clean And Protect The Rims

Wipe the rims off with a soapy sponge to remove any residue that remains on their surface. Rinse the rims off with a water hose and dry them with a lint-free cloth. Apply a small amount of automotive wax that is designed for rims to a buffing cloth. Press the cloth firmly against the surface of one of the rims and move it around in small circles. Add more wax as it is needed. Once the first rim has been treated, wipe away any excess wax with a clean cloth. Continue to add wax to the remaining rims in the same manner.

The wax will provide the aluminum with a protective coating that will make it easier to clean in the future. The aluminum rims on your vehicle will have a shiny surface and you will no longer see any visible traces of the tar that was previously on them. Add a new coat of wax to the rims when they have a dull appearance. Maintaining the rims in this manner will continue to keep the aluminum protected. To find out more, speak with a business like Exoticar Paintworks Inc.