Tips For Properly Storing Bulk Oil Drums

Whether you operate a large garage or a small backyard repair center, keeping lubricants on hand is an essential part of your business. If you've decided to start ordering your oil and lubricants from a wholesale supplier, it is important that you understand how long you can expect the oil to last and how you should store it to maximize that lifespan. Here's a look at a few things that you should know before placing that first wholesale order.

Basic Shelf Life Expectation

When stored properly and in the right environment, automotive oils can last for several years. Unfortunately environment and storage techniques can have a significant effect on the actual shelf life of each order, so understanding the best storage practices may be in your best interest.

General Environmental Considerations

There are many factors that can affect how long your oil supplies last. One of the easiest ones to control is that of contamination. Water vapor and debris can be destructive to oil supplies, degrading the oil over time.

The temperature of the environment where you store your oil is another important element in the lifespan of your supply. Temperatures in your storage room should be moderate, above freezing but not beyond the 70s or low 80s in temperature. Temperatures that are beyond either end of this range may encourage moisture development in the oil.

Rotation is key to making sure that you're not leaving oil sitting too long. Always use the oldest oil supply first. This is referred to as first-in, first-out inventory consumption.

Additional Storage Recommendations

When you store oil in bulk amounts, make sure to leave in in the drums that it arrived in. Place the drums in an area that is clean, dry and within the recommended temperature range. Don't put oil anywhere near solvents or cleaning supplies.

To reduce the risk of moisture development in the drums, store them on a rack in a horizontal position. Align the drum so that the bung caps sit at about three and nine o'clock, because that will ensure that the oil rests in a way that it blocks any area where water vapor could make its way into the drum.

Don't store the drums outside if you can help it. If it is absolutely necessary, though, store them somewhere away from direct exposure to sun and weather. Also, keep them elevated on pallets so that they don't touch the ground.

With these tips, you'll be well-equipped to start ordering your oil supplies from a wholesaler. Over time, buying wholesale may save you money, but only if you store the oil properly so that you don't lose it. Talk with a supplier like Gran-Del Petroleum Products for more tips to preserve your oil stock.