How Replacing Spark Plugs May Benefit Your Car

Many people carry out routine car servicing without understanding the need for such maintenance practices. However, knowing the reasons behind the practices can help you to appreciate them and drive you not to skip any service. For example, spark plug replacement is useful because it... Prevents Catalytic Converter Failure A catalytic converter cleans up dangerous emissions by converting dangerous compounds such as hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into harmless ones such as water (steam) and carbon dioxide. Read More 

4 Big Types Of Car Diagnosis And Why They’re So Difficult

Looking for auto repair, or researching the kinds of big problems you can find with used vehicles? Take a look at these aspects of vehicle diagnosis that represent some of the toughest jobs mechanics do at shops like Ochoa Brothers Auto Repair, and you'll learn more about why you pay a lot of money for these fixes, and why they require so much labor. Engine Work Especially with traditional engine work, and even with newer cars, diagnosis and repair for an engine can be labor-intensive. Read More 

Why Have A Power Equipped Lawn Mower?

As a homeowner, you may consider purchasing a lawn mower to ensure that your lawn is well trimmed and taken care of on a regular basis. This will help to enhance curb appeal, as well as keep pests away, since they won't be able to hide in the overgrown grass that isn't well maintained. Here's why you should choose a power equipped lawn mower to take care of this: Durable Engines: The engine on a power equipped lawn mower is one of the most durable you could find. Read More 

3 Unique To Consider Calling A Taxi Service In Your Own Town

Most people are used to the idea of using a taxi service when on vacation or on a business trip in parts unknown. But did you know there are most likely several high quality taxi services available in your neck of the woods? But why would anyone ever want to hail a cab in their own town when they can just drive everywhere in their own car? Here are three situations where it might be better to call a local taxi service either out of need or just for convenience: Read More 

What You Need To Know About Your Transmission

Owning a car might seem a like a glamorous thing, but in all reality it can be a lot of maintenance and care. In order to keep your car working properly, it is important that you know how to tell if the car is healthy and well. Just like taking care of your body, you should be on the lookout for signs that your car is sick. Transmission Problems Can Be Costly Read More