How To Catch Smog Inspection Scams

In an effort to aid human health and stop air pollution, a number of states have instituted mandatory smog and emissions testing for vehicles. Vehicles must pass the smog inspection in order to be deemed road worthy. If the vehicle does not pass the test, the vehicle owner must clear up any issues causing the test fail before they receive a clear inspection and are able to legally hit the road. Read More 

Understanding Car History Reports

If you are planning on buying a used car or selling your car, then you might have heard of something called a free car history report. You might have even looked at one or two in the past, depending on how you bought your car. Chances are that you have seen a commercial or heard someone tell you about just how important car history reports are, but why is that? To help you maneuver a little better through the world of used cars, here is an introduction to the subject: Read More 

Making Your Vehicle’s Leather Interior Look Like New

If you have a vehicle with leather interior, you most likely enjoy the supple feel of the material as you sit back to drive or ride. Leather is a luxury that needs to be cared for properly so it does not lose its comfort or appearance. Here are some steps you can take to maintain your vehicle's leather seats so they last for many years to come. Materials You Will Need Vacuum cleaner with crevice attachment Air compressor Spray bottle Mild detergent White distilled vinegar Linseed oil Soft-bristled brush Microfiber cloth Lemon juice Cream of tartar Cotton ball Rubbing alcohol Removing Loose Dirt Particles Read More 

How Large Should My RV Trailer Be?

The largest RVs are those that are called Class A RVs. They are constructed on top of a chassis that is often used for a bus. While many RV owners feel like they could use a larger RV, there are some downsides to purchasing a larger one. How Long Will You Be Camping? If you intend to spend a long time in one location with your RV, it would make sense to purchase a larger RV because it will be easier to live within a larger one. Read More 

What’s Up With “Junkyard Jack Stands?”

Take a look around your average self-service auto junkyard and you might see row after row of cars that seem precariously perched on old steel rims. This surprisingly common approach to automotive elevation seems like something that should turn you off of climbing underneath it to reach a hard-to-get part. However, there's a lot about this particular setup you might not know that makes it relatively safe to deal with. Read More