What You Need To Know About Your Transmission

Owning a car might seem a like a glamorous thing, but in all reality it can be a lot of maintenance and care. In order to keep your car working properly, it is important that you know how to tell if the car is healthy and well. Just like taking care of your body, you should be on the lookout for signs that your car is sick. Transmission Problems Can Be Costly Read More 

What Types Of Commercial Trailers Are There?

When you need to haul goods for your business, you will need to choose the appropriate trailer. Not all commercial trailers are meant for the same hauling purpose. You need to consider not only the size of the trailer but also the different features each trailer possesses. Here are the most common types of hauling trailers for commercial use and how to decide which one is best for what you need to haul. Read More 

Buying A Used Car Or Truck: Four Questions To Ask The Seller

With the high cost of new cars, many people opt to buy used cars and trucks instead. It's a rational decision and you can save a lot of money doing so. Unfortunately, it requires a great deal of research and negotiation to ensure you actually get your money's worth. The good news is that you can score a great deal, especially if you take your time and ask the appropriate questions. Read More 

Make Decorative Stools With Your Vehicle’s Used Tires

After purchasing new tires for your vehicle, use the old ones to make decorative stools that can be placed on your deck. When finished, you will have an attractive area to relax when you are spending time outdoors.  Use The Following Materials automotive tires vinyl fabric stapler staples plywood circular saw measuring tape scissors foam cushioning utility knife thick rope power drill screws Prepare The Bases Wash each tire with soapy water and a scrub brush. Read More 

Off-Road Driving Tips For Newbies

Off-road traveling is a lot different than driving on the relatively smooth paved streets of your city or town. When you are a newbie off-roader, it's imperative for the safety of you and your passengers that you have at least a general idea on how to safely drive on rough terrain. Yes, you need to wear your seat belt, but there's much more to off-road driving safety than that. Keep reading for a few important tips to follow when you embark on your first off-road adventure: Read More