How Large Should My RV Trailer Be?

The largest RVs are those that are called Class A RVs. They are constructed on top of a chassis that is often used for a bus. While many RV owners feel like they could use a larger RV, there are some downsides to purchasing a larger one. How Long Will You Be Camping? If you intend to spend a long time in one location with your RV, it would make sense to purchase a larger RV because it will be easier to live within a larger one. Read More 

What’s Up With “Junkyard Jack Stands?”

Take a look around your average self-service auto junkyard and you might see row after row of cars that seem precariously perched on old steel rims. This surprisingly common approach to automotive elevation seems like something that should turn you off of climbing underneath it to reach a hard-to-get part. However, there's a lot about this particular setup you might not know that makes it relatively safe to deal with. Read More 

A New Customer’s Guide to Auto Body Repair after a Collision

The car you drive is easily one of the most valuable material possessions you own. While you may do what you can to stay safe and keep your ride protected, a collision can happen to any driver. The first time you are in an accident, it can be disturbing and painful to see what your car looks like in the aftermath. Thankfully, there are many skilled collision experts in the auto body repair industry who can help you restore your car to its former glory and erase painful reminders of the accident. Read More 

Teenager Started Driving Alone? Make Sure They Are Ready For Emergencies

If you teenager has now reached the point that they are driving alone, you need to make sure they are ready just in case an emergency happens. Even though you will still worry about them, this may put you a little more at ease. Towing Make sure your teenager has the number of a towing service in their vehicle. They should have more than one just in case the one they call is busy and will not get to them in a while. Read More 

Mobile Truck Repair: How To Save Time And Money When One Of Your Fleet Breaks Down

The biggest problems you face as a shipping magnate is with the ongoing function of your trucks. When they break down on the side of the road, it costs hundreds of dollars to tow them to a commercial automotive repair shop. Then it costs hundreds more to diagnose and fix their problems. Worst of all, these issues happen remotely, and you are left with little opportunity to learn about or select who will tow and fix the trucks. Read More